February 6, 2017

Get Informed

There are several reasons why an individual or business may be looking for a generator. No matter the need, it's Power System Services' duty to provide you with the best power solutions promptly and cost effectively.

“Commercial Grade Generator Power for Business”

From a business outlook, an emergency generator provides you with the assurance that your business will run efficiently during power outages. One of the first things when looking for a commercial generator is knowing what requirements must be met. What is needed to be powered such as, elevators, lights, computers, processing equipment, controlled environments, etc. plays a vital role and will vary between environments. The next thing to consider is how often power outages are occurring in your area. In many cases of off grid locations, generators are required in order to have power. Take note, there are maintenance requirements, depending on the type of generator being purchased, that should be considered as well.

At this point we can start looking for the best generator to fit your needs. There are three major types of generators, this is why we are, "your partner in the power business." A standby generator is not only typical, but required in many areas. This generator provides power for the duration of an emergency outage, with an expected operating time of less than 500 hours per year. A continuous generator is one that runs at a non-varying load, with an average output of 70 to 100 percent. A typical application would be base load, or utility. Prime power generators vary in load, and have prime rated kW with 10 percent overload capability for emergency uses, for a maximum of 1 hour in 12. With unlimited hours per year, these apply for construction, rentals, and pumping etc.

Generators come in multiple sizes, array of power supplies, and in different forms. By providing us with standard information, our team of experts can narrow the search, assisting you with the best possible choice of generator. Once the new or used generator that suites your needs has been identified, PSS can tailor any special requirements, so your generator ready for hookup before arriving on set site.

“Generator Power for Housing”

By purchasing a small back up power generator, you can avoid the disruption of losing power for you and your loved ones from the place you call home. Electricity is essential to maintain functions such as lighting, entertainment, and household appliances. Similar to commercial generators for businesses, there is a process of sizing and selecting the home generator to best fit your needs. You can count on the PSS Team to provide expert advice and service.