October 26, 2022

Agriculture to Grocery Store

From the Farm's our foods our grown on to the Grocery Store's they are provided in, these two industry providers of our daily nutrition both rely on generators.

Off grid remote farming location or processing plants solely rely on a prime source of generator power.

America's agriculture industry continues to expand forcing growth in untapped areas. The choice of diesel prime power generators is often the favored in this application. With the non-traditional methods, off grid location allows for freedom of creativity and tax breaks. Diesel power generators out perform solar and wind power in reliability while many off-grid crops use all three sources to create energy.

Agriculture is often referred to cultivation of the land or farming. The breeding of animals from cattle to pigs as well as plants being produced for food and other products. The scope of agriculture has expanded well beyond just farming. Agriculture now includes fisheries, tobacco manufacturing, and forestry.

While many farm food producers and distribution facilities are located in remote areas, a loss of utility power can put the whole operation at risk. Without a reliable steady source of power, it is impossible for agriculture's to function efficiently and cost effectively. The economic impact due to loss of power to crops and animals can leave an operation in distress. Whether the lost of power is from a natural disaster or utility cut off, a back-up generator is a reliable source to avoid catastrophic consequences. As more automation has revolutionized the agriculture industries, electrical back-up power from dairy farms to poultry minimizes risk.

Why would we go from the crop of the farms to the isles of our grocery stores?

The answers quite simple. From a seed being planted to an egg being laid, there is a lot of time and expense put into getting our food on the shelves of stores. The Supermarkets and Grocery Stores have shoppers that rely on them to provide fresh produce, seafoods, and freezer products to store for their family. There are many Grocery Store Chains that do not have a back-up generator in place, which results in greater loss of assets and profits. Often times there are pharmacies that rely on refrigeration of medicines in your located Supermarket. The expense in spoiled medicine doesn't even put a number on the impact that could happen to their patients. When selecting a commercial back-up power generator its important to take these things into consideration such as having a check-list of what needs to sustain power, location of generator on premises, and what fuel supply is going to work best for you. Once some of these action are taken into consideration, the most important objective is to properly calculate the size of power requirements needed. Power System Services specializes in commercial grade generators sales and offers generator sizing to final installation of generator.