October 28, 2022

Backup Generator: Important Questions to Ask When Renting One


A backup generator is essential when running a company to prepare for emergency power outages. If you do not own a backup generator, you should not worry, as you can rent a backup generator for emergencies. Every commercial building should have a backup generator. 

There are questions you need to ask your rental company before you rent the generator.

Essential Questions to Ask Your Rental Company When Renting a Backup Generator

Ask About the Size of the Generator

When renting a generator, ask about the size to ensure it matches your power needs and can handle all the operations in your company. Using a power calculator, you can understand the amount of power you need. If you rent an undersized generator, you will suffer power failures every time. If you rent a large generator, you will waste fuel and operational costs, or the generator may blow up your system.

Delivery and Installation

Ask your rental company who will handle the delivery and installation of the backup generator. Discuss with your rental company so that you are not surprised when you realize you will cover the delivery costs in case of an emergency power outage.

What are the Terms and Conditions of Your Rental Agreement?

Ask as many questions as possible to ensure you understand each agreement in detail before you sign the deal. Each leasing company may have different terms and conditions, so do not rely on your previous lease experience.

What Services Does the Leasing Company Offer?

Ask the lessee about their services and what makes them unique from other leasing companies. You should also ask about their response time in case you are having an issue to avoid a power outage, even with a backup generator. When you understand their services, you will select the best leasing company that offers exemplary service.

The Fuel Used by the Generator

Ask the lessee the type of fuel the generator uses so you can inquire about the availability of fuel and its cost. You want to settle with a backup generator with readily available and affordable fuel.

The Flexibility of Your Rental Contract

Inquire from the lessee if the rental agreement is flexible to cancel the agreement or upgrade the generator if the demand increases. Do not settle for a very rigid contract because you will have a hard time upgrading to a more powerful generator or terminating the contract all the same.

The Safety and Security Features in Your Generator

Ask the leasing company about your safety when the generator is on and if there is remote monitoring so the generator can function efficiently in an environment. It is also essential to ask if the leasing company can train your workers on the safety procedures around the generator.

Ask if the Generator Will Work as Promised

Ask the lessee if the generator will work as promised and what happens if the generator fails to work as promised. Will the leasing company come to check the issue, or will the insurance cover all the damages?

Key Takeaway

Before you start looking for a leasing company, understand your power needs in the building. When you know your power needs, you can ask the lessee some questions to determine if the backup generator will suit your company. 

You can also ask a friend with a backup generator to accompany you when leasing a generator because they have some basic knowledge of what it entails. Remember to read the terms and conditions clearly and ask questions when you don't understand something.

A good leasing company will answer your questions in the simplest way to make you feel comfortable working with them.

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