January 18, 2022

Backup Generator: Why Invest in an Industrial Backup Generator for Your Business?


If you run a business that heavily relies on electricity, you know how devastating a power outage can be. However, a blackout can only affect normal business operations if there is no contingency plan such as a backup generator. Business premises with no backup generators are negatively impacted, as everything almost comes to a standstill. 

Heat and air conditioning systems go off, refrigerators go silent, computers go blank, while lifts, security systems as well as lights stop functioning. The national grid may not guarantee a consistent power supply because of shortcomings such as overload, animal interference, and natural calamities like hurricanes, winter storms, and wildfires. It is for such reasons that you need to arrange for a blackout eventuality so that your business isn't affected revenue-wise. 

Note that businesses that are mostly hit are those dealing with medicine, food storage, entertainment, consulting and IT services, manufacturing, sports arenas, and data centers, among others. Therefore, investing in a business backup generator is crucial. Here are the benefits of doing so.


1. Safeguard Business from Thieves

If looters get wind of a power outage on your business premises, you already know what could happen next. With a backup generator in place, your establishment will never run out of power, and you will not have to worry about thieves making away with your electronics and other valuable equipment.


2. Maintain Communication with Customers 

There is nothing as disappointing as losing contact with customers who were on the verge of making purchases or hiring your services due to power loss. Not all of them are patient enough to postpone a purchase, as they will quickly hop onto your competitor's site. One outstanding benefit of a backup generator is that communication with clients is maintained, and they earn your trust.


3. Uninterrupted Income Generation

When business operations suddenly run aground following a power outage, the result is unimaginable losses where there is no backup power source. To keep your business's profit-generating systems working even after a power failure, get a backup generator that will carry on its operations as if nothing happened. 

The above benefits prove why backup generators are essential for business owners. With that in mind, which types of backup generators are you likely to find in the market?


Types of Backup Generators

It's important to get familiar with the various types and available brands of generators to make an informed choice. The most commonly used brands include Kohler, CAT, John Deere, Diesel, Baldor, Katolight, and Olympian. You can readily acquire any of them, either as brand new or used. It depends on your business budget. You also have the option of choosing between portable backup generators or the permanent ones, which are installed and connected to your premises' power grid. 

Types of generators according to the energy group used include:

  • Diesel generators. These are deemed to be durable and low maintenance. They are engine friendly with low diesel emissions.
  • Petroleum generators. In terms of affordability, these generators are cost-effective. However, they require regular maintenance because the gasoline wears the engine out fast. Then there is the danger of potential fire breakouts when handled carelessly.
  • Natural gas generators. They are environmentally friendly because they use clean fuels like propane and condensed petroleum gas. Their output is low compared to diesel generators, and they are more expensive.

Finding the ideal backup generator, used or new, depends on the power providers you engage with. Reliable backup generator providers can help you find the right size in terms of kilowatts and depending on your budget. They also offer assistance and directives on generator maintenance to serve you for longer periods. 


Buy Your Backup Generator from the Best

Stop counting losses and focus on profits by ensuring that the next power blackout finds you ready with a backup generator. Contact us today, and we will help you choose the right backup generator for your business needs.