February 17, 2023

Backup Generators - Ski Resorts' Lifeline During Winter Storms


Are you looking for a way to protect your ski resort from power outages? If so, you should consider investing in the right backup generator. After all, it's no wonder why ski resorts experience power outages during emergencies such as extreme storms - and if this happens when customers are around, it can put them at risk. With a backup generator, ski resorts can have continued power and uninterrupted operation – even in extreme weather conditions. They provide an important piece of security for your ski resort, ensuring that snow-making equipment runs properly and all safety systems are operational when you need them most.

Whether it's icy weather blowing across your slopes or something worse, installing a reliable generator can greatly reduce any inconvenience and loss of income that comes with resort-wide blackouts. Here's why having a reliable backup generator is essential to every ski resort's operations — from comfort and convenience to customer satisfaction and safety.


Why Do Ski Resorts Need Backup Generators? 

Ski resorts need backup generators because they are located in areas where severe weather is common. Snow storms can bring large amounts of snowfall that can knock out power lines and cause power outages. When this happens, ski lifts cannot run, so people cannot climb the slopes. Backup generators provide an alternate power source so that ski lifts can continue operating even during a power outage. 


What Types of Backup Generators are Used at Ski Resorts? 

The type of backup generator used at a ski resort depends on its size and needs. Smaller ski resorts may only require a few portable generators, while larger ones may require multiple standby generators or even microgrids. Standby generators are larger than portable ones, but they provide more reliable power for longer periods; microgrids can also provide reliable power for extended periods. Additionally, some ski resorts use solar energy systems in combination with their backup generator systems to maximize efficiency and reduce costs. 


How Can I Make Sure My Ski Resort Has Reliable Power This Winter? 

To ensure your ski resort has reliable power this winter, it is important to have your generator system maintained regularly by a trained technician specializing in generator maintenance services. Regular maintenance will ensure your system is ready to go when needed – during an emergency situation or heavy snowfall. Additionally, if you have an older generator system, then it may be time to upgrade it to ensure maximum reliability and performance during winter weather conditions. 


Benefits of Backup Generators for Ski Resorts 

Backup generators are essential for resorts to provide uninterrupted service during power outages and to ensure that guests have a safe and enjoyable experience. Let's take a look at some of the benefits of using backup generators in ski resorts


Reliable Power During Outages 

Backup generators are designed to provide reliable power during outages and extreme weather events. This is especially important for ski resorts located in areas prone to storms and wintery blizzards that can cause extended power outages. With a generator, you can rest assured that your resort will be able to continue providing reliable service even if the grid goes down for an extended period. This helps keep your guests safe and comfortable during inclement weather conditions. 


Cost Savings 

Backup generators may seem like an expensive investment up front, but they will save you money in the long run by reducing operational costs associated with outages. When the grid goes down, hotels and other facilities typically have to pay extra costs associated with manual labor or fuel delivery services to keep operations running smoothly. With a generator, these additional costs are significantly reduced since you have a reliable source of power available right away without having to rely on external sources of help.  


Increased Safety 

Power outages can create dangerous situations if they aren't addressed quickly enough. Ski lifts need electricity to operate safely. An outage could cause them to shut down suddenly, leaving skiers stranded mid-slope until the power is restored or another lift is available nearby. Backup generators reduce this risk by ensuring that electricity remains available for lifts and other safety features, such as lighting systems or snow groomers, even if the main grid goes offline due to bad weather or technical issues. 


Secure Your Ski Resorts with Backup Generators 

Backup generators are an essential tool for ski resorts to keep operations running in the case of a blackout. Not only do they guarantee comfort and safety for the guests and staff of these resorts, but they also minimize any financial losses that would have arisen from prolonged closure. Aside from increasing efficiency, modern backup generators are also environmentally conscious by not emitting large amounts of harmful pollutants. 

If you're looking to back up your resort's existing supplies, or want to install a new generator entirely, then our team of skilled professionals is here to help every step of the way. Simply contact us today at Power System Services if you have any questions or want to implement emergency power by installing backup generators for your resort.