November 30, 2021

Cannabis Farms and Industrial Power Backup


It is easy for businesses to take a steady supply of power for granted. The increased demand for energy has strained the national grid, making it an unstable source of electricity. Some businesses fail to realize how important electricity is until there is a power outage. A sure way to ensure your business remains in operation in case of power outages is by having a standby power backup generator. Properly preparing your business for a power outage with the right backup generator can increase productivity and ensure continuous service delivery.

An unstable power supply is disastrous for any industry, including the cannabis industry. Cannabis farms require specific conditions for them to produce high yields. That means that your farm should have a continuous supply of power to maintain the growing requirements of cannabis.

In case of a blackout, how can you ensure that you keep the optimal conditions for your crop to thrive? Having a backup power supply is wise rather than relying heavily on the unreliable primary power grid. Let's look at how a diesel generator is essential in the cannabis industry.

Reasons You Need an Industrial Backup Generator for Your Cannabis Farm

Like any other business setting, the cannabis industry requires a backup industrial generator to keep its operations up and running. Here are reasons why an industrial generator is vital in cannabis growing:

Location of the Farms

In most cases, the remote or newly developed areas cannot access the national grid. As local regulators allow more places to grow cannabis, some do not have ready access to electricity. That means that growers opt for a diesel generator as their primary power source.

Additionally, in the event of a power outage in a newly developed area, it might take forever to restore power. That makes it crucial to have an industrial generator to avoid crippling your farm's operations.

Impact of a Power Loss

Grid outages can adversely affect the critical systems of your farm, leading to huge losses. When a blackout happens, your entire system is affected; in that, your fans, lights, and other crucial tools are no longer in operation. You cannot sustain the growth process of cannabis without a reliable source of power. Your security systems will also fail, leaving your farm and products vulnerable.

Unknown Duration of a Power Loss

You can never be sure of how long an outage can last. Even though your farm can operate without electricity for a short period, several days without the critical resource is damaging. You'll have lower yields since the unavailability of light causes cannabis plants to flower early, significantly cutting the produce. A backup generator ensures a regulated and consistent environment for your crops to blossom, leading to higher yields and profits.

Application of an Industrial Power Backup Systems in the Cannabis industry

Cultivation of Cannabis

Since cannabis can only thrive under critical environmental conditions, farmers choose climate-controlled grow houses to maintain these requirements. If your farm is in a cooler climate, you can use greenhouses to increase productivity. Outdoor growing can work for those in warmer climate regions. In modern indoor growing, lighting, climate control systems, and irrigation plans require a steady power supply.

You can expect to make huge profits from cannabis cultivation when you have an industrial generator in place. Farmers might think that installing a backup power system is expensive. However, the question is, can you afford the losses incurred if your crop goes bad because of a blackout? Installing a backup generator is not that expensive. You can invest in a used generator to ensure your products meet the market quality demands.

Manufacturing of Cannabis

After cultivation, the manufacturing of cannabis transforms the raw plants into useful consumable products, ranging from smokable weed, gummies to oils. To achieve that, the manufacturing facilities and production equipment should be working effectively. From production to packaging and storage, electricity plays a crucial role in this process.

Furthermore, Cannabis products have a high street value, making it important to ensure the production facilities are secure and monitored. Besides, the equipment used in the manufacturing process has a low tolerance for power interruptions. You can, therefore, use generators as a backup or as the primary power supply system.


Retailing involves the selling of cannabis products to consumers through cannabis stores. These products are precious, hence require a high level of security. Even though most pot dispensaries are located in populated areas with a reliable power supply, you cannot afford to put your products at risk. A backup generator will help you ensure your security and surveillance systems are always functioning.

What You Can Do

You should never let power failures prevent you from profiting from your investment in whatever industry you choose to invest in. At Power System Services, we understand how much a steady power supply means to your cannabis farm.

We can facilitate you in acquiring the best backup generators for your farm. Contact us and let us have your farm up and running with our exclusive generators.