December 25, 2019

Cummins Backup Generators

Whether it be your living quarters or your place of business, a backup power source you can count on should be a must. Why is a reliable source of backup power crucial you may ask? Business that don’t rely on backup power generators can lose thousands, if not millions in revenue each year due to downtime caused by unexpected power outages.


Cummins Power Generation a leader in the marketplace


The Cummins manufacturer makes some of the most reliable and sturdy generators in today's market. This comes from the extensive research and development with Cummins does exclusively, known as the power of one. Cummins generators may also be built custom in order to suit the specific needs of each and every individual customer. All Cummins generator parts that come along on their product are manufactured by Cummins themselves in house including switchgear.


Cummins Industrial Emergency Generators


As discussed in previous articles critical facilities such as hospitals or data centers, Cummins is one of the world leaders for developing and manufacturing quality generators. When taking into consideration purchasing new or used, you may find for your circumstance, used will save you money when finding the right fit and you can count on the same high-quality product compared to purchasing a new generator. If purchasing a new Cummins generator is the route for you, their product comes with a two-year factory warranty and whether you decide to go new or used these are a reliable, low maintenance units.


Power System Services inventories new and used Cummins generators. Don’t see it online? Feel free to reach out as we always have new Cummins inventory on order and used inventory fluctuating frequently. PSS is “Your Partner in thePower Business” Providing both onsite and offsite support.