September 10, 2020

Decommissioning, Removal, and Disposal Generator Services

Disposing your used generator can become a complex process due to health, safety, and environmental issues while following proper decommissioning procedures. Power System Services (PSS) specializes in purchasing, supplying, services, and inspecting industrial generators of all brands. We recognize you may need to meet a tight timeline whether your building lease is up or your site needs repurpose. By providing both onsite and offsite support we are able to decommission, remove, and dispose of all equipment and hazardous waste materials in the most cost effective and timely manner with our technologies we are equipped with.

Project Inspection: Document and inspect all equipment while identifying the best course of action to safely remove equipment. Review all electrical system involved, generator, transfer switch, etc. while calculating all weight and sizes of equipment.

Review: If able, review generator configuration, ease of access, wiring and site cabling, as well as any additional onsite equipment. Prepare with proper equipment and staff needed for electrical disconnect, removal of hazardous waste, rigging, and logistics. Coordinate timeline of work with staff involved for process to be carried out. Consult local authorities to ensure regulations and industry best practices are met.

Decommissioning: Disconnect power from the main breaker and all connected equipment. Remove all electrical wire and conduits. Assign removal off all hazardous waste to be properly disposed. Update breaker panel labels, restore power to the area and leave everything as new.

This is a brief general guideline, as every commercial generator decommissioning project vary from site to site. The focus is to carry out the best course of action safely and efficiently to staff, environment, and equipment. Power System Services team works with a number of dealers and vendors, with whom relationships have been established through extensive travel and trustworthy commitments in providing our customers with the best solutions regardless of location.