October 26, 2022

Generators for Mining Services

Off-grid mining locations rely on prime power generators as a power source. Portable generators create a user friendly source of power solutions in remote mining locations as locations change. More than 50% of mining operations rely on diesel generators to maintain power. Grid power is not accessible in these remote locations. Diesel generators are known for their reliability and offer a great solution in these harsh operating conditions. Diesel generators require less maintenance vs natural gas generators. However to keep a diesel generator up and running fuel supply is import. Mining operations in different locations will require different generator types. Generator voltages, setup, and ratings will change as compliance, rules, and regulations change with location.

Power System Services offer multiple services prior to delivery of your power equipment creating less downtime and user friendly reliable power solutions. PSS offer medium and high voltage generators from 500kW all the way up 2 mw. Providing environmentally friendly generators meeting your markets demand in the power generation industry.