October 26, 2022

Genset Equipment Financing: Don't Let Power Outages Halt Your Operations


A power outage can tremendously affect your business operations. A study reveals how the growing population in the United States, frequent weather changes, and aging infrastructure are placing an immense strain upon the national electric grid. Meaning, the outages will become even more frequent in the future.

That is why commercial generators have become vital to power business operations and industrial applications. Unfortunately, accessing the upfront costs for commercial generators is expensive. Due to the high costs of buying a commercial generator, many businesses find it difficult to install one to cushion them from losses due to power outages.

But there is a solution for the business owners who cannot afford a commercial generator's high costs. Genset equipment financing and leasing options are available for a company looking to install a commercial generator to back up its power requirements.

Why a Commercial Generator is a Must-Have

Whether you are in manufacturing, mining, or other industries, the time you spend without electricity leads to revenue loss. Businesses see an instant decline in sales if power outages force them to close. Other than the loss of clients and revenues, some businesses lose a lot due to spoilage.

Therefore, regardless of the state of the electrical grid, a company should have the ability to function.
It also protects your investment and lives. Most businesses have put a lot of money into technology, from computer systems to conveyor belts, depending on the industry. Technology depends on electricity, and a power failure can lead to damages.

But with a commercial generator that kicks in immediately, you have an assurance that your investment is safe by preventing a problem before it occurs. The prospect of replacing electronic equipment is an adequate reason you should consider having a generator for your business.

In the case of a medical facility, the importance of a commercial ready-to-start generator at the first sign of a power loss cannot be emphasized enough. Outages in such a facility that does not have one could be hazardous.

Generators maintain lifesaving equipment, ventilators, and other critical machinery. Patients require medical attention even when there are severe weather conditions. They cannot wait for the power to return.

Commercial Generator Financing Options

Genset financing options are flexible for businesses that might be unable to pay the costs at once. It allows companies to get the needed back up power but pay afterward. In case of outages due to extreme weather, an aging power grid, or natural disaster, financing a commercial generator ensures that your business won't suffer from the impact.

With Genset financing, you make installed payments over a specified duration until you pay off the generator.

Commercial Generator Leasing Options

Leasing commercial generators is another service option that is beneficial in many scenarios. It is suitable for a company that wants to get a commercial generator for a specific duration but will not have to handle it once the lease expires. It is common among businesses occupying a leased office for a certain period but requires a commercial standby generator in case of power outages.

Once the leasing contract expires, the company may choose to relocate to another commercial building. Leasing commercial generators are usually the best solution to meet such requirements.

Besides, businesses scale up with time and may need to upgrade their systems or move to another bigger office space. In such a situation, the power requirement could be higher than in the previous location. It is convenient for such a company to have the generator on lease since they will later return it and pick a unit with higher power output. Essentially, businesses have more power requirements as they scale and thus require a greater commercial generator.

Invest in a Good Backup Generator Today

Investing in a commercial generator ensures no downtime in power generation for your company operations. Power System Services commits to offer you efficient options to ensure you meet your business needs. Contact us today to get a suitable unit for your business.