October 26, 2022

Have You Prepared Your Business for a Power Outage?


Power is perhaps an essential supply any business would want to be consistent in. But there is nothing like expecting a reliable grid power supply throughout the year in the real world. You at least expect disruptions at some point. These outages especially come in the time of the year when flooding or strong winds (e.g., hurricanes) are predominant. Even if your business is not in such an area, it doesn't hurt to prepare beforehand for unforetold times when your power station may experience power interruptions.

So, why do you need to prepare for a power outage? First, you want your employees and customers at the business premises to be safe. The equipment and appliances at your station also should be ready to cope during a blackout or voltage surge. For instance, planning can easily evade any looming danger, like data loss of your business. And when clients and staff know that you've their safety in mind, the more they build faith in the company - the business image is also enhanced. The bottom line is that you want to keep the operations afloat while minimizing any losses and security threats as much as possible.

Here are the top tips to help better handle a power outage.


Nothing can prosper in darkness, not even your business. The last thing you want is letting the workers or customers stumble blindly down the dark stairs or corners when finding their way out. If you don't have a backup power system like a generator, we recommend keeping some battery-powered flashlights where they are easily accessible from any room. If you're in a building with floors, be sure to invest in emergency lightings on stairs because your elevator won't be operating when the grid is off. That way, everyone can safely be evacuated from the building.

Have an Evacuation Plan

No matter the efforts, without a clear plan, failure is predictable. Besides, it's also senseless to have it, and then only you and/or a few other people know the plan. Have a clear strategy and let the staffs know how to implement the plan in case of a power outage. Ensure that everyone knows the way to the stairs and the quickest route out of the building. Set an assembly point outside where people will gather once out of the building. Soldiers do drills to better prepare for battle; why not adopt this and drill to make everyone accustomed to your plan.

Keep a well Packed Emergency Kit

An emergency kit is a vital tool that you'll need during outages and in some other emergency instances. The kit should be reachable and secure to everyone. It should contain a fully supplied first aid kit, emergency numbers, LED portable lights, and other basic essential tools. Be sure that your first aid kit is checked annually to ascertain that it ready for the job.

Install a Backup Power System

It is usually a good bargain to invest in an alternative electricity source other than relying entirely on the grid. Installing a diesel generator is a long-term solution to power outages. Modern generators have an automatic transfer switch that detects an outage and starts the generator to power your business. What's even more incredible is that you can choose a few essential appliances you want to keep on. Therefore, you don't need a large generator if the business is power-intensive; you install what's needful for your firm's core operation.

If you have the genset already, ensure that it always ready. Inspect and turn it ON occasionally to ensure it won't fail when it is most needed.

To protect your data and critical equipment, install surge protectors. You don't want your inventories, invoices, and other important data on your computers to get corrupted when the grid experiences voltage surges. We also recommend backup data storage either on cloud storage like amazon or offsite.

After evaluating the above tips, you're probably thinking, where can I get a good diesel generator? Worry no more! Consult Power System Services today and get expert advice on the power needs and generator size that can befittingly work for you.