October 26, 2022

Thanksgiving Day Disasters? How a Standby Genset Can Help


Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful and have fun with the family. A power outage would disrupt the festivities just as it does to thousands of families every year. If you live in an area that experiences frequent power outages, it's time to get a generator.

Have you ever sat for hours in the dark, not knowing how long it will take to fix the power problem? Have you ever been angry at yourself for not charging your electronics when there was electricity?

These are some of the problems that you can avoid by getting a new generator. Keep in mind that needs vary, and you'll need to consider the following:


Why do you need a generator? Do you want to power the entire house or just essential circuits? Start by listing all the items that you intend to power with the new or used generator.

An easier alternative would be to get a generator expert to create a list of the items you need to power. Each item draws a specific amount of power, and it's often written on the manual or item. Check all the items and calculate your electrical load. This is why you might need an expert if you're struggling with some of these calculations.

Standby vs. Portable Generators

Portable generators are cheaper, so you'll save more in initial costs than buying standby generators. However, standby generators tend to be more efficient to run and provide more power.

In addition, standby generators kick in immediately when you experience a power outage. This makes them ideal for areas with bad weather and properties that need power 24/7.

New vs. Used

Which option is more financially feasible? Some will say that getting a pre-owned generator is cheaper, provided you get it from a reputable dealer. Others will say that a new generator is always best as you're getting a product with 0 hours, no previous owners, and in perfect condition.

You'll also get the manufacturer's warranty, which isn't provided after purchasing a pre-owned generator. Another option would be to rent a generator for your thanksgiving. This option is suitable if you need a temporary solution or want to test a generator before investing.


Once you've settled on a generator, you'll need it transported to your location and installed. Who will handle the logistics and installation? Companies that have dealt with these generators for years will often have a team of experts to install and the necessary logistics to ship it to your location.

Others will know a company that does all the above and can refer you to the said company. The idea is to work with a dealer who ensures that everything is sorted before you part ways.


Generators require maintenance even when they're running as expected. You don't want your generator failing when there is a power outage. You bought the generator for times like this, and you'll need to ensure that it powers the home/business when needed.

Therefore, ask your dealer about maintenance. Who handles maintenance, and how often is it required? If they don't handle maintenance, they can direct you to contractors who can. You can also ask if it's possible to perform DIY maintenance.

Enjoy Your Thanksgiving

You've waited for this day for weeks, and it's finally here. Everything needs to go as planned, regardless of whether you experience a power outage or not. You'll have backup generators in case of anything, thanks to our team of experts who will guide you through selection. They'll ensure that you get the best deal and generator to celebrate Thanksgiving 2020.