February 26, 2020

Industrial Generator FAQ

Who is Power System Services?

Power System Services is built on integrity and driven ingenuity. Our team works with a number of generator dealers and vendors, with whom relationships have been established through extensive travel and trustworthy commitments in providing our customers with the best solutions. Our team of dedicated experts from sales, service, and parts, work together as one, to exceed your power needs, from start to finish.

Where does PSS do business?

PSS buys and sells new and used industrial generators worldwide servicing all generators in the state of Alabama prior to delivery of final destination. Providing both onsite and offsite support PSS offers free estimated inspections of any location within the US and Canada. Power System Services buys, sells, leases, and services new and used diesel generators with project management capabilities for your one stop shop to best serve our clients.

What is the difference between Standby, Continuous, and Prime Power Generator?

A standby generator provides power for the duration of an emergency outage, with an expected operating time of less than 500 hours per year. A continuous generator is one that runs at a non-varying load, with an average output of 70 to 100 percent. A typical application would be base load, or utility. Prime power generators vary in load and have prime rated kW with 10 percent overload capability for emergency uses, for a maximum of 1 hour in 12.

What is power factor?

Power Factor known as (pf) defines the ratio between kW, Kilowatts and kVA, Kilovolt-Ampere. In many case power factor taken into consideration is 0.8 (Refer to below formula) for three phase generators. Larger generators operate more efficiently when the connected load is transferred.

0.8  (PF)X 1250kVA = 1000kW

What is kW and kVA?

kW known as Kilowatts and kVA known as Kilovolt-Ampere are the power factors. kW is the real power while kVA is power plus reactive power. kVA will always be a larger number than the value of kW power, and typically speaking it is very common for there to be a power factor of 0.8 to be taken into consideration. kW is the term used when referring to industrial generator sets within the US while countries outside the US will refer with the term kVA.Further details of kW is essentially the term referring to engine power output.kVA draws electric load which in return is the generator end capacity. You can almost always find these rating on any major manufacturer generator.

Are generator voltages changeable?

Generators can be commonly re-strapped to different voltages and even phases depending on the model and re-sized with proper breaker. Portable and rental generators have a voltage regulating switch for instant voltage changes ranging from 120/208v single phase to 277/480v 3-phase. On other units the generator end is design for a specific voltage such as 4160v. As 12 lead generators can be connected to three and single phases 10 lead generators can only operate multiple voltages three phase.

Does Power System Services provide any other services than just generators?

Yes. Generator decommissioning to asset recovery services maximizing value for our clients. Purchasing and providing generators allows for us to have access to multiple new, surplus, and used ATS's available. Power System Services inventories new and used generator ends from leading manufacturers such as Cummins, Caterpillar, and Kato as well as being a Marathon distributor.

Have any further questions?

Contact us with any questions today by reaching us immediately at (855)587-6937 or within 24 hours at sales@pssas.com and one of our team members will be happy to assist you.