April 23, 2019

Generators for Hurricanes

Prepare for the Unexpected

Most people know that good old saying "prepare for the worst, but pray for the best." Power System Services is not only diving into hurricanes in the blog, but will also be discussing natural disasters.

Early preparation increases safety, while reducing risk. Whether you own a data center or a small manufacturing business, the impacts caused by a natural disaster are horrendous to both. A natural disaster comes in different forms such as a hurricane, tornado, or even a lightning storm. A loss of power doesn't only cost companies large sums of money, but now puts you behind in production. If you tallied the total of revenue lost due to hurricanes themselves for hospitals, telecommunications, and military facilities you would surpass millions of dollars per power outage. Not only are backup generators mandatory for some of these facilities, but required to function in harsh conditions.

It's important to prepare and have an understanding what you're managing. Not only are you maintaining your business at a normal operating level during harsh conditions, but its key to keep your commercial generator maintained to operate at peak levels when the storm comes. Power System Services can not stress enough preventative maintenance, from batteries to fuel supply your generators needs care in order to take care of you.