November 16, 2021

Maintaining Generators and Facility Assets in the Age of the Remote Workforce


According to McKinsey, businesses must learn to adapt and survive the Covid-19 pandemic. That includes slowly adapting new work models like remote work and hybrid workplace models.

As your employees work from home, it poses a challenge to maintain your essential equipment. Your maintenance personnel need to ensure that backup generators and other equipment are well-maintained. 

Generators play a critical role in ensuring service delivery even during a power outage. The essential systems in your company will still run unaffected by power problems. How would you expect your equipment to work effectively without regular maintenance? Even if some employees are working remotely, equipment maintenance is an inevitable practice.

How to Maintain Generators in this Remote Workforce Era

1. Planning Generator Tests

Maintenance teams must plan a specific time to do regular generator tests. They include self-lubrication, turning over the critical parts then updating any issues encountered on the control panel. It is advisable to schedule these tests on a weekly or monthly basis. Businesses can use a dedicated scheduler, control panel software, or a remote annunciator to automate their generator tests. However, if you use old generators, you can manually perform these tests.

2. Adopting Preventive Maintenance Practices

As we all know, it is always better to prevent an issue than spend funds correcting it. Consistent genset inspections and elimination of minor faults are among the essential preventive maintenance practices for your facility assets. If you lack the personnel to perform these practices, you can utilize experts like Power System Services

Preventive maintenance ensures that minor technical issues do not grow, crippling your equipment. Identifying these problems earlier helps your technical teams repair them before they become critical issues.

3. Utilizing Remote Monitoring Services

Maintenance practices are more challenging to implement when your maintenance personnel is working remotely or not physically available at work. That should no longer be a concern with the availability of remote monitoring systems. They help your personnel upgrade your generators and remotely monitor their performance. When a fault is detected, the systems send a notification to the maintenance experts. They will diagnose the issue before sending a technician to repair it. 

So, which remote monitoring solutions can you install to increase offsite equipment visibility? Depending on your company's budget and needs, here are the most common solutions:

Blue Pillar 

Blue Pillar OnSite Remote Equipment Monitoring connects your generator to the internet for remote monitoring and management. Blue Pillar is affordable to achieve remote monitoring and schedule generator exercises regardless of your generator's model, age, or control panel. Their internet portal will help your maintenance team control your equipment and devices and use your equipment's data to analyze its performance and start/stop capabilities.

DeepSea Control Panel Replacement

It's recommended to replace obsolete or old generator control panels with newer DeepSea panels to increase functionality and efficiency. Replacing them with more modern alternatives helps diagnose problems and allows remote monitoring of the genset. That makes it essential to have these upgrades even though they require high customization, which is tedious and time-consuming.


Early Equipment Upgrades and Repairs

When some of your workers are working remotely, the temptation to delay repairs manifests itself. That is because your company might not be using the generator regularly. Postponing maintenance practices will make your business experience unnecessary delays when your employees fully return to work. Maintenance budgets are tight for many companies, but they will still have to repair their generators when adopting normalcy. That can strain their technicians, leading to delays in service delivery.

To avoid this, perform upgrades and repairs when most employees are working from home. That will minimize the impact of generator repairs on your employees. Additionally, eliminating developing faults will ensure that your generator is ready once all your employees are on site.

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