February 1, 2023

Overview: 6 Hours of Power Failure Costs the Casino $250K


Overview: 6 Hours of Power Failure Costs the Casino $250K

Businesses cannot afford to have power outages. Not only do power outages lead to lost profits, but they can also cause disruption and damage to a business's infrastructure, operations, and even its reputation. Such was the case with one casino that recently experienced power loss due to an equipment failure.

The power outage lasted for 6 hours, causing $250k in losses and leaving many patrons unsettled. This kind of power loss incident is preventable if investments are made in backup generators. Businesses should consider investing in backup power solutions as a safety net against power failures like this one that cost money and customers' trust.


Why Invest in a Backup Generator?

A backup generator is an engine-driven power source that provides an alternate power supply during a power loss. Backup generators can range in power capacities and are designed to provide temporary power for essential equipment, systems, and services until power is restored.

Investing in backup power solutions can help businesses protect their operations and reduce the financial losses that power outages can cause. Additionally, it can help maintain customer trust and satisfaction when power is restored quickly with minimal interruption to service.

When considering what kind of generator is right for your business, you should consider power capacity, load requirements, and power needs. Businesses must ensure that their backup power system is properly maintained to ensure it works when power fails.


Benefits of Having a Backup Generator

Having a backup generator can help protect your business from unexpected power losses like the one experienced by the casino, resulting in financial losses. With a reliable backup generator, businesses have peace of mind knowing they have access to power should their regular power source fail. A few benefits of having a backup generator include the following:

  • Reduced risk of lost profits due to power failures
  • Continuation of operational processes without disruption
  • Protection of sensitive data through the uninterrupted power supply
  • Safeguarding the business's reputation
  • Protects equipment, systems, and services from power failure damage
  • Restores power quickly to maintain customer trust and satisfaction


Maintaining and Investing in Backup Power Solutions

Backup power solutions require regular maintenance and testing. Businesses need to invest in a reliable backup power solution and dedicate resources towards its upkeep, such as fuel supply, testing, and inspection. Generator maintenance is essential to ensure your system runs smoothly during power outages.

Tips for Ensuring Proper Generator Maintenance

  1. Regularly inspect the system, including power cords, outlets, and lines.
  2. Ensure the generator is properly wired and connected to power sources when needed.
  3. Have the system serviced by a qualified technician at least once a year.
  4. Keep the generator fueled and filled with oil, as necessary.
  5. Test run the system every three months to make sure it works properly.

Power loss incidents like the one experienced by the casino can leave a lasting impression on customers and ruin your business's reputation. Investing in reliable power solutions like backup generators is necessary for businesses looking to protect their operations, profits, and reputation.


Avoid Power Failure and Costly Power Loss with Quality Power Generator Solutions

Power outages can have serious consequences for businesses. A reliable backup power solution is key to protecting against power loss and financial losses like those experienced by the casino. Businesses looking for peace of mind should consider investing in a reliable, cost-effective, powerful solution.

At Power System Services Company, we understand the importance of power solutions and are dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality power services and products. Our dedicated experts can help you find the power solution best suited to your business's needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help keep your business up and running during power outages.