October 31, 2020

Portable Generators: Lights On During Hurricane Season


Natural disasters such as hurricanes are unpreventable and can cause unprecedented damages and effects. However, we can reduce the risks and effects by preparing early before such tragedies hit. Fine, we don't prepare for what we expect only but also for the unexpected.

Besides other impacts of hurricanes, they are mainly known to cause power outages due to broken power lines and flooding. Having a backup power supply for your business, home, or service providers like hospitals and clinics is essential in those trying times. Therefore, it is vital to lay an emergency plan that includes alternative powering when the grid goes off.

Portable generators offer efficient power solutions both during the disaster and in disaster recovery and management. They offer the mobility needed in the areas affected because they can be set up anywhere with a little hassle.

Where Portable Generators are Used

Unlike stationary generators that switch on when there is a power outage, a portable genset is moved outside or to the needful area when required. They're convenient to supply power in the following cases:

  • Command Centers
    Emergency centers setup in disaster-hit areas need electric supply to enable workers to communicate and operate appliances. These centers are usually undamaged buildings such as hotels or mobile recreational vehicles (RVs). The portable diesel generators are easy to set up in these places to provide power.
  • Essential Amenities and Sanitation
    It takes days or even weeks before full grid supply and special services such as water get restored in the affected areas. Water is especially vital for the operation of homes and social places like hospitals. Portable units can be used to power water pumps, run purification systems, and lighting before the grid is restored.
  • Communication System
    Cellular phone towers and mobile telecom equipment offer the desired connectivity between gadgets, facilitating ease of communication between teams (e.g., recovery and rescue officers). However, they rely on electric power to operate, too; therefore, moveable generators can be used to supply energy.
  • Recovery Equipment
    Disaster management involves the use of various paraphernalia. Some are needed in clearing fallen logs from the roads, electric appliances in repair activities of damaged buildings or structures, alternative HVAC systems to cool or heat buildings whose systems were destroyed, e.t.c. Transferrable diesel generators are used to power them during the process.

What are the Benefits of Portable Generators During Hurricanes?

Whether you use it to power your home, business or hospitals, acquiring a movable unit as a disaster preparation strategy has a ton of benefits.

  1. Business and Essential Services
    Businesses can lose revenue due to power outages. Entrepreneurs use generators to ensure the effects of grid shutdown are minimal. Without power, many things can go wrong. Generators save lives by providing backup power in clinics and hospitals.
  2. Safety and Preservation at Home
    When there is no lighting at home, you risk a lot. For instance, lighting provides convenience for every family member not to injure themselves and quickly discover any damaged part of the house. The powered HVAC system will offer comfortability while food in the refrigerator won't go bad, causing losses.
  3. Mobility
    Opting for a portable unit offers you a critical feature, mobility. This is especially useful because you can carry it whenever you want and start it anywhere. For example, if you're evacuated from your current location due to predicted risk, moving with it is easy. Businesses can also move them between different sites.
  4. Durable
    Portability means the manufacturer has gone an extra step to make the genset adaptable to different conditions and operations. Their compact and minimalist design makes them last longer. They also come with an inbuilt low-fuel shutdown switch and circuit breakers to prevent electric shock or fires. Additionally, they can stay for a stretched amount of time without operation and not get damaged.
  5. Quiet
    Movable generators, particularly for residential, are meant to operate quietly. If you want backup power during disasters with minimal noise, opt for a portable genset.

Are You Buying or Renting a Portable Generator?

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