October 26, 2022

Refurbished Infrastructure Repurposed Generators

Focusing on the backup Power of Hospitals and Nursing homes

These communities rely on backup power systems from general healthcare to emergency healthcare needs. Backup power is vital in times of a power outage which if not in place, can be a crisis to. Hospitals rely on backup generators in case of a power outage typically supplying power first to emergency rooms and critical care units to further up the chain. The power supply from generators in the healthcare and nursing home markets is an absolute importance in times of a power failure.

The two types of generators that would be considered for these applications would be natural gas or diesel fuel generators. Often times utility companies do not recognize that diesel generators require consist refueling. The diesel fueled combustion engine is a frequently the used option in the healthcare and nursing home industries. The reason why you make ask? Diesel generators can provide backup power for 8 hours or longer with proper fuel tank capacity. Power outages are unexpected and challenging therefore, it is necessary for these industries to have an emergency power plan.

Power outages at home typically are temporary and inconvenient. During a power outage in a wide area for any length of time which can cause several problems. The first that my come to mind and should, are the threat of putting our loved one’s life at risk.The things that might not come to mind are loss of communications along with data loss. Depending on the infrastructure, hundreds of thousands of bits of information can be forever loss. Industries relatable to data losses include, but not limited to Banking, IT Processing, and Insurance Agencies.