October 26, 2022

Rental Generators for Events

Before diving into some of the requirements that are needed before finding the right rental generator for your next event, let’s go over a few benefits of a rental generator.

Generator Application:  This can include everything from the destination of rental generator as different areas having different requirements, to estimated runtime in order to meet your power needs. Depending on the environment of your rental power generator, scheduling maintenance while maintaining uptime is a necessity. Keep in mind PSS offers rental cables depending on how many feet you need to meet the desired electrical connection.

Sizing your rental generator will depend on the amount of power you plan on sustaining. Ranging from lighting, DJ requirements, to individual booths are just a few things to take into consideration to meet your power needs. When it comes to generators there is nothing trendy about this process other than the event put on by them, which most don’t even take into consideration of what is providing power to the show, or speakers providing sound to those in the back of the stadium. With that stated having a constant power supply source is the difference of your event making it or breaking it.