October 26, 2022

Searching for a Used Generator? Where to Buy

There are many sources and tools out there today to take advantage of when searching to find the commercial grade generator to suite your power needs. Making a purchase may be overwhelming at times with the diversity of manufacturers and fluctuation in pricing between resellers. Power System Services is going to focus on two major key components in this article to provide you, the reader, to be better informed as well as gain knowledge and assurance in the PSS buying process.

“Where to Buy & Where not to Buy”

When beginning your search for a generator you may find yourself comparing generators between craigslist and dealer websites. Please take note there are major differences that apply when doing this. Most likely the Craigslist seller is not knowledgeable, and you're taking a risk in buying something as is, with no guarantee behind the product. Buying from craigslist or related sources, ask yourself these questions:

>Is the Generator Certified or does it at least come with a Guarantee?

>When was it last time professionally inspected, serviced, & load-tested?

>Who is going to supply a Turn Key Solution on-site & off-site of installation?

>How is my generator going to arrive to it's location on time securely?

Purchasing a used generator means the price is reduced, but not the life expectancy. Power System Services works directly with manufacturers and industry related engineers when taking used inventory into consideration. Often times the labeled used inventory comes out of facilities or sites where they had minimal use and hours are typically from exercise time only. PSS Team member's physically inspect the environment and around the generators they provide to their clients before making a purchase. Although PSS offers in house engine overhaul repairs, we do not buy generators to resell that has been rebuilt or rebuild generators to resell. Providing all services in house is one of the assets PSS provides for our customers. Our professional team of technicians can tailor your used generator to your specific needs. From customization, basic routine maintenance, voltage alternator end conversions, PSS is your one stop shop. We work as one to provide our clients with a hassle free experience from beginning to end creating life long relations nationwide.