May 25, 2021

Summer Ready Generator: Ensure Yours by Following These Four Tips


Summer Ready Generator: Ensure Yours by Following These Four Tips

Generators are a literal lifesaver any time of year, but the summer months are when backup generators truly have their time to shine. The storms and other inclement conditions that come with that time of year make it essential to have a generator on hand to prevent loss of business from loss of power. With summer right around the corner, there is no better time than now to ensure that your backup generator is in good condition and ready to do its job if the need arises. 

Assess Your Generator's Location

Even the highest quality and most durable machines can be susceptible to poor airflow and direct sunlight. If a generator overheats, it will stop working, leaving your business in the dark. Now is the perfect time to assess where your generator is currently situated on your property and move it if there is a better location. 

Another factor to consider when placing your generator is protecting it from several hazards. Theft is a potential at any time of year, so it is vital to lock your generator down so it doesn't get stolen. The summer months bring with them several other hazards to think about when placing your backup generator, like the potential of damaging winds, floods, and fires. Your machines should be in the safest place possible to minimize the risk of damage because even if your business is damaged by one of these disasters, you will still need the power to clean up the aftermath. 

Run It Quarterly

Just because you mostly use your backup generator in the summer doesn't mean that it should lay dormant the rest of the year. Part of your quarterly maintenance plan should be to run the machine for 30 minutes to ensure that the battery has a sufficient charge and oil and gas are moving through it how they should. This test will catch potential issues like a dead battery and avoid preventable problems like excess moisture building in the exhaust stack. 

Keep Stocked

Power outages usually only last for a few hours but in the rare case that they last longer, you want to be sure that you have enough oil and fuel to keep your generator running. It is not a bad idea to keep other necessary components on hand like air filters, for instance, but it is always better to let a professional replace those parts. If you must add either to your generator, follow every safety precaution possible to prevent a potentially dangerous situation. 

Call in the Professionals

Scheduling a yearly tune-up with a professional is a great way to ensure that your backup generator is in top shape. They will diagnose any concerns and replace parts that are worn before they become a problem. They will also check the battery and wiring to ensure that your business will get the power it needs when the time comes. These professionals will also be able to do regular maintenance like replacing filters and inform you of issues that need to be fixed now or monitored. 

Summer is Coming, Be Ready

Backup generators are a strange concept because you buy or rent them hoping to never use them. If you need to use it, you will be happy you have it as long as it works. Whether it is a hurricane, a bad storm, or just a freak transformer blowout, you don't want the loss of power to affect your business in any way. By ensuring that your backup generator is ready for what summer throws at it, you will have peace of mind that your business will never suffer due to loss of power.