October 26, 2022

Sunshine to Snowfall

Ski resorts  located in regions that receive large amounts of snow not only use backup power generators (or diesel engines)but also rely on them as a main source of power. In the mid 1950’s many ski resorts began installing chair lifts throughout the United States. Ski resorts consist of lodges with open mountain runs during the winter season. Inspiring this article is a couple that recently shared their power outages while on family vacation at a popular ski resort in Idaho. During the winter months weather patterns may be unpredictable and even ruthless in unexpected times.Unexpected power outages are not only inconvenient but may also cause reoccurring impacts during unexpected events.

 Backup generators ensure your resorts and slopes stay open and operate smoothly during your ski resort stay.Portable generators offer a great option to ski resort as seasons change and the ease of reconnecting.Snowstorms and man-made events are common causes of power outages ranging from just a short time frame to even days. Generators prevent risk of losing light and heat while staying cozy. While ski resorts are seasonal PSS offers used generators as a cost-effective power solution with in house customizable options.

View our current inventory for new and used backup power generators for ski resorts. Please feel free to contact us at your connivence for additional information and note that if you don’t see what you’re looking for may not mean it isn’t coming in. PSS is “Your Partner in the Power Business.”