October 26, 2022

Surplus Generators

Surplus generators are brand new generators that come from generator manufacturers that never been put into service. Surplus generators typically come from cancelled project orders or there has been an excess of production. Surplus generators offer many benefits when compared to purchasing a new generator. Surplus generators are typically no more than a few years old with zero operating hours, lead times are immediate compared to when ordering a new generator which can take months. Surplus generators can offer initial cost savings while still having a new generator model.

Used Generators are typically demanded for facilities and businesses looking to rely on a backup source of power while staying within a reasonable budget while surplus generators are often over looked. When looking at used generators, compare surplus generator options as generator dealer often inventory these surplus generators. Surplus generators save lead times when compared to used generators as they are built and ready to go into their designed application as used generators may need wire configuration changes or programmed. While both options cut lead times when comparing to a new generator.

Power System Services is "Your Partner in the Power Business" offering you support in the following ways and more!

Power System Services offers a large selection of new and used commercial generators to suit your needs.

We are there for our clients throughout the entire project, providing both onsite and offsite support.

With an understanding of harsh environments, ranging from 130 degrees Fahrenheit, to negative 30 degrees Fahrenheit, PSS provides solutions that will cut downtime and ensure that you are receiving the most efficient generator power system available.

Power System Services buys and sells preowned diesel and natural gas generator sets ranging in size from 25KW to 3MW with project management capabilities to oversee the removal and installation of power equipment.