March 18, 2021

Used Generators: Top 6 Reasons To Opt for These for Backup


When preparing for emergencies such as power outages and inclement weather, many businesses forego the purchase of a backup generator for reasons stemming from cost, lack of sufficient knowledge about generators, or even their relevance. Most people are also under the impression that generators can only be purchased new, not knowing there are numerous options for purchasing used generators.

The truth is, you don't have to close your business due to a lack of power supply, which translates to improved operations and peace of mind. That said, here are the benefits of a used backup generator:

24/7 backup power

A lack of power can halt your business's operations, leading to losses and a bad reputation for your brand. With a used backup generator, however, power can be restored within seconds to keep operations going on. This means that you have continuous power for;

• Computers, phones, and network systems

• Security systems

• Essential tools and equipment

• Interior and exterior lighting

For sure, a used backup generator saves you from the worries of dealing with a power blackout. As such, you won't have to experience lost workforce participation due to downtime and the stress that come with an insufficient power supply.  

Lower cost

Whether you are going for a diesel or natural gas generator, you are sure to get a used backup generator at a relatively lower cost. Ideally, they cost a fraction of what a new genset costs, and since high prices keep businesses from purchasing a back generator, you are sure to offset this challenge with used generators. Even better, there are several options to choose from, depending on how much you are willing to spend as well as the type of business you operate.

They operate in any weather

Bad weather can wreak havoc on your business' power supply, and the results can be quite damaging if you do not have a backup plan. In worse cases, customers may develop a negative perception of your business if you are unable to attend to their needs efficiently and timely, all because of bad weather.

Having a used backup generator on standby can ensure you are always in a position to attend to your customers, which can go a long way in saving you thousands of dollars in revenue. Also, you do not have to worry about weather changes as you know in case of a blackout, you have the requisite tool to ensure operations continue.  

They are reliable

Certified used generator dealers usually conduct tests to ensure that a genset is functioning optimally before purchasing it. They also maintain and repair it before selling it, which guarantees reliability and good service. Even more incentivizing, many pre-used generators have been on standby their whole life, meaning they operate just as if they were new. Contrary to what people think, used generators are as efficient as new ones, provided you get yours from a certified dealer.

Reduced lead time

Typically, when you order a new generator, you have to wait for 8-16 weeks to receive your genset. This is mainly because manufacturers tend to build them to order, which creates a large gap between the time you order and the actual time you receive it.

On the other hand, used generators are readily available when you need them, which significantly reduces the lead time. This makes a used genset the ideal choice if you need a generator right away or in an emergency case.

Reduced paperwork

While you may have to fill out some paperwork, the process when acquiring a used generator is not as tedious as with a new generator. Comparatively, there are a lot of processes and channels that you need to go through when acquiring a new generator. This gives a used backup generator an edge over a new one, a reason you should prioritize the latter when purchasing a genset.


Whether you want a generator to help deal with inclement weather or solve the problem of a power outage, you stand to benefit greatly from a used genset, so be sure to make your choice wisely to enjoy the benefits.