November 4, 2021

Used Industrial Generator: The Great Value of Investing in One


Unexpected power supply interruptions or shutdowns can cripple activities in the industrial sector. To prevent this, organizations have a power supply backup system in place. Despite the need for them, a new industrial generator can be expensive and not worth it. Because of this, companies prefer investing in used generators from a reputable generator supplier. Together with experienced and knowledgeable technicians, companies can have a reliable energy solution. Irrespective of your company's budget, a used industrial generator is a smart business move.

Let's face it, can your business survive during a power outage? Or will you stop your company's operations in case of a power loss? It is great not to let your business miss the benefits of acquiring a used generator.

Reasons for Investing in a Used Industrial Generator

1. Available at Lower Costs

Irrespective of the type of generator your business or company needs, used generators are relatively cheaper. Compared to purchasing a new genset, you can save 40% to 60% when going for a second-hand industrial generator instead. After all, reducing your expenditure is key to increasing your profits. However, depending on your business power needs, you have a variety of used generators to choose from. The affordability of used generators makes them an ideal choice for any company.

2. Quick Availability

For optimized service delivery, your company requires a consistent power supply all the time. New generators might cause inconvenience to your organization's operations because they have a lead time of 8-22 weeks. Your company will not provide services for that long without electricity. Given that the electricity grid is unstable, many business activities are disrupted. To avoid inconsistent service delivery, for your organization, you should buy a used unit.

3. Lower Insurance Premiums

Just like buying any other asset, you will be protective when purchasing a generator. Having insurance will help you protect it against theft and vandalism. Insurance providers use your equipment's replacement costs to determine its premiums. That means that a new generator will have a higher insurance cost than an old one. You will pay lower insurance premiums when you choose a used generator over a new one. 

4. Used Generators Have a Lower Depreciation Value

After a new generator is installed in your organization, its value rapidly drops within the first year. You can overcome this depreciation sunk in cost by buying a used generator. It will make it possible for your organization to stretch its budget further.

5. Minimal Maintenance Hours

You can spend long hours maintaining a new generator. That is not the case for old generators because you will have access to their maintenance records. Generators can be productive for a long time. You can have an old generator that will still operate like a new one. Using their maintenance records, you can confirm that the old generators you want to invest in have been maintained well.

6. Less Documentation

New generators have a lengthy documentation process. When you purchase a second-hand generator, documentation will not be a problem. You can have a used Genset running in the shortest time possible because of a straightforward acquiring process.

7. Trial Before Purchase

You are also given a trial period by the most used generator service provider, like Power System Services before complete installation. In this period, you can assess the operation of the generators to identify any issues. You will also understand how the given generator works. That will ensure that you get a reliable generator that will meet your business needs. 

Key Takeaway

A steady and reliable power supply is a vital aspect of any company. So, do you have a plan to keep your business running in case of a power failure? If not, get in touch with us to determine and get the best generator for your business. It would be best never to let a power outage stop your organization's activities, thus bringing huge losses.